Firearms / Protection Focused

Classes are typically booked for four (4) or more participants. 

Contact us for pricing & scheduling.  All courses require a 50% non-refundable deposit to schedule. 

Some courses can be taught remotely; please contact us directly about this option if you’re not in, or cannot travel to, the Eau Claire, WI area.

​Classes can be customized, stacked, and tailored to the group’s desired focus.

  • Intro to Firearms Basics

    This class will introduce you to the basics of safety, mechanics, and mindset around firearms. There is no live fire portion to this class. If you have ever been curious about firearms and didn't know where to start, THIS is the class for you!

  • Situational Awareness/Refuse to be a Victim

    This class will introduce you to the basics of situational awareness and personal protection.  You will learn tools to help you understand the mindset around survival and how to refuse to be a victim.

  • Shooting Basics Workshop

    This hands-on live fire course introduces you to shooting foundations which include stance, grip, sight alignment and sight picture.  We will move through basic shooting drills, so you can take your practice to a range or home with you.  This course has the pre-requisite of Intro to Firearms Basics with me or proof of other introductory firearms classes.

  • Wisconsin Concealed/Carry Course

    This full-length course combines Intro to Firearms Basics & Shooting Basics Workshop, in which you will be eligible to apply for a Wisconsin Conceal Carry permit after successful completion.

  • Personal Shopping Coaching: 1st Firearm Purchase

    This is typically a 1-on-1 experience, where we can help walk you through your first firearm purchase.  This option is mostly geared towards personal protection firearms.  For residents of the Eau Claire area, this may include accompanying you as your shop.  No matter where you live, we will talk with you about important firearm features to be on the lookout for as you shop.  We will discuss specific pros/cons, proper fit and questions to ask to help you make the best educated purchase possible.

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