Homestead / Prepping Focused

Classes are typically booked for four (4) or more participants. 

Contact us for pricing & scheduling.  All courses require a 50% non-refundable deposit to schedule. 

Some courses can be taught remotely; please contact us directly about this option if you’re not in, or cannot travel to, the Eau Claire, WI area.

​Classes can be customized, stacked, and tailored to the group’s desired focus.

  • Prepping Basics & Planning

    This class introduces you to the mindset behind prepping.  If you have ever been curious about how to prepare for natural & other disasters or small-scale homesteading and didn't know where to start, THIS is the class for you!

  • Bees/Beekeeping 101 Demo

    I can provide demonstration(s) (without bees) on bees & beekeeping to various groups, including but not limited to your kids' school, homeschool group, 4H, FFA, daycare, or any other type of group.  I can deliver a demo for just about any age group for science or activities, etc.  I have beekeeping suit(s), tools, equipment, and even honey frames, and could help create a honey-oriented snack, if that is appropriate, too.  I just really enjoy doing these types of fun educational sharing type activities, and want to do more of that.

  • Garden Planning

    It used to be a patriotic thing to plant a “Victory” or “Kitchen” garden, to ease the pressure on the public food supply.  Now, it almost feels a necessity… Do you want to start growing your own food?  Do you need help planning your home garden plot?  I will share some resources and personal experience knowledge to help you begin the plan for your own “Victory Garden”.  It does not matter if you have 5 feet or 5 acres, anyone can grow their own food!

  • Canning & Food Preservation

    This class is a hands-on demonstration of seasonal produce preserving via canning.  Examples include jams & jellies, fruits, or veggies, including pickles and tomatoes.  Due to the seasonal nature of fresh produce, this will vary depending on time of year.  At the end of the class, each participant will be able to take home a jar of the preserved item. 

  • Wild Game – Harvest, Processing & Preservation

    This class is a hands-on demonstration of whole muscle meat preserving via pressure canning.  Examples include beef, venison & chicken.  At the end of the class, each participant will be able to take home a jar of the preserved item.

  • DIY Home / Personal Care / Cleaning

    Are you trying to reduce the use of harmful substances in your home and on your body?  In this hands-on class, we will talk about all the items you can easily make at home and will close out the class with a make-and-take product.  Many times, these DIY items are also money-saving options.

  • DIY Backyard First Aid Basics

    Do you want to get back to some “roots”? Are you curious about the many helpful items growing in our yards and fields?  In this class, we will explore some introductory backyard herbs and how you can use them in place of commercial products.  We will discuss solutions like poultices, salves, and infusions to make simple, better-for-you remedies.

  • Farm / Field to Table Meal Workshop

    This is a customized dinner party event, where you & your group enjoy a family-style meal with ingredients curated by me and prepared traditionally by us all together during the workshop.  While the meal is cooking, we will share an educational experience together with your topic of choice, from my course listing.

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