Mindset / Lifestyle Focused

Classes are typically booked for four (4) or more participants. 

Contact us for pricing & scheduling.  All courses require a 50% non-refundable deposit to schedule. 

Some courses can be taught remotely; please contact us directly about this option if you’re not in, or cannot travel to, the Eau Claire, WI area.

​Classes can be customized, stacked, and tailored to the group’s desired focus.

  • Meal Planning / Prep

    Are you trying to develop a healthier menu?  Are you overwhelmed on how to plan your week, so everyone gets to eat a nutritious meal?  I will share with you the skills that we have developed over the past decade of healing our own nutritional issues as we raised a family with two working parents.

  • Mindset / Mental Toughness Planning & Coaching

    Does each week kick your ass? Do you feel like we are existing or barely surviving, but not thriving?  I will share with you the methods and skills that have helped me to become the best version of myself yet.  We’re all a work in progress and I have a desire to share this journey with others and the steps it takes along the way.  This is not a "one size fits all" coaching; it is an individualized path as each person has different struggles, goals, and motivations.  We will begin with an honest conversation to see if my style works for you.

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