• Linda D

    Natural is the only way for me!

    Loved the soap creations by VonDraeger! 

    Softer skin, knowing my skin is not absorbing toxins, and a light fresh scent. 

    The chapstick has become a morning staple, especially with the Dry conditions this time of year. 

    You can feel the time and attention in each product ♥️

  • Samantha Jo

    Here's what I'm loving so far (because I don't have a complaint or any criticism):

    The chapstick actually hydrates your lips & I like the smell.

    I like how sudsy the small cube of soap is.  And the Autumn soap is sudsy and I f*&king love how my skin feels afterwards! It doesn't feel dry at all. It feels clean & smoothe.  

    ​Right now I order my soap from [somewhere else]. I like their soap, but its hardly sudsy and I hate that. I feel cleaner when there's bubbles.

  • Sarah E

    I am now addicted to the lip balm! Goes on smooth and doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor/smell. The soaps are also great! Very moisturizing and produce lots of suds. Best part is I know where it all comes from and is made with all the good stuff🥰 I look forward to checking out all their creations!

  • Jamie K

    She’s a magical alchemist! One day my horse broke out in massive patches of hives. I noticed there were tons of tiny scabs where the hives were. I called Missy and asked if she could make something I could bathe my horse with to soothe her skin and coat. Missy made a care package that included a Honey soap and a custom oil mixture to apply after the bath. Did I mention she did all this in under an hour? Anyway, not only did the soap and oil mixture help soothe and calm my horse’s skin but the entire barn smelled like a bougie spa. The oil mixture even doubled as the best detangler! Thank you so much for coming to my and my horses rescue on such short notice! You rock!

  • Jenn M

    I’m so hooked on the lip balm! It’s been such a blessing to my lips this winter! It has a very nice natural feel and scent to it, and it lasts such a good length of time after applying! I even put a little on before bed. I don’t feel like I need to apply a ton to keep my lips soft and moisturized. I’m so happy to have tried this and will be back for more.

  • Tara S

    I've been using VonDraeger's homemade soap and chapstick. I love them both! My skin doesn't dry out after showering like with many store bought soaps. My skin feels nourished and healthy each time I use it. The chapstick does what it's supposed to do without that sticky texture after application. The scent and flavor is subtle and doesn't overpower. Well done VonDraeger Conceptions!

  • Rosie P

    If you’re looking for locally made high quality soaps/lotion bars/lip balms and more... VonDraeger’s is your one stop shop. Let me tell you! I sun burnt my shins in Florida and a week later they were both peeling like a lizard and painful even after religiously using aloe and other lotions. I used the solid lotion bar ONCE and when I woke up the next morning both my legs were 100% better! Also, I am obsessed with burts bees and the lip balm is BETTER than burts! The soaps smell just delicious and fresh. Highly highly recommend!

  • Mackenzie S

    Your chapstick is a great Burt's Bee alternative. If you don't like the tinglies from BB, this is perfect.  Because it's not tingly, I'm able to use it on myself, but also my 15 month old daughter.  Goes on smooth and doesn't have a weird flavor like some others do.

  • Mel S

    I LOVE the samples of chapsticks and soaps I received! They all were packaged very well and smell amazing! The regular chapstick is my favorite so far. It's just enough peppermint without being overwhelming, and it softens my lips so well. You can tell everything was made with love and with the best ingredients possible.